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OHS experts debate ISO 45001 one year on.

Martin Cottam Our voice on Occupational Health and Safety View profile

IOSH Magazine’s round table brought together health and safety experts including Martin Cottam, LRQA's group technical assurance and quality director, to discuss the experiences of the standard one year on and what’s next.

Part 1 - Clients' experiences of ISO 45001 (27 minutes)

This first video covers clients’ experiences of implementing ISO 45001; building a management system that fits your organisation – not the other way around; differences with OHSAS 18001 and the influence of the Annex SL high level structure; worker participation and consultation; management of outsourcing and the supply chain and much more.

Part 2 - Early adopters' challenges (42 minutes)

The second video goes into detail on the challenges that early adopters have faced including understanding the context of the organisation, requirements for leadership, cultural differences, the focus on health as well as safety, the role of interested parties in the management system and how ISO 45001 can help raise OHS standards throughout the supply chain.

Discover ISO 45001:2018

Learn more about the new standard and demonstrate your organisation's commitment to continually improving your OH&S performance with ISO 45001 certification and training.

Discover ISO 45001:2018
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