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Implementation Packages

99% of workplace accidents are preventable.

Are you putting your people first?

ISO 45001 Certification Package: Implementation

Stop accidents before they happen. 

Implementing a new OH&S management system can seem daunting. LRQA's ISO 45001 Implementation Packages have been carefully designed to cut through the noise, giving you the services and support to ease your journey towards compliance.  

Each package will help you to understand the standard; what it means for you and your organisation; and how to prepare for assessment. You’ll also benefit from a range of optional extras tailored to you.

Select an ISO 45001 Implementation Package that suits you best.


    Essential Plus
Understanding ISO 45001  Introduction to ISO 45001 training X X
ISO 45001 Internal Auditor training   X
Additional training Optional Optional
What does it mean for me? Online Self-Assessment X X
Gap Analysis (on-site) X X
Assessment Certification Assessment  X X


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Why choose an Implementation Package?

  • LRQA's Implementation Packages have been carefully constructed by OH&S experts to make your journey towards compliance as simple as possible
  • By choosing an Implementation Package, your opting for the most cost-effective method of implementing ISO 45001
  • Training courses can be delivered face-to-face or via eLearning**. You also have the option to purchase additional training courses. We highly recommend utilising our Self-Assessment Tool to identify areas where additional training may be required.
  • You’ll have support at each stage to improve your management system performance and to prepare your organisation for the certification assessment
  • The Premium Package includes any follow up required to address up to 4 nonconformities* and a choice of additional services to speed up the assessment process and to promote your achievement

* for more than 4 nonconformities, a fee will be applied

** eLearning is currently only available in English

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Interested in finding out how we can help your organisation?

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