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Terms & Conditions
LRQA Nederland B.V.

These terms and conditions shall apply to all offers made by LRQA Nederland BV to the Client and to any ensuing agreements with the Client insofar as no specific deviations and/or appendices have been agreed in writing.

1. In these terms and conditions: (i) “Services” means any and all services provided to the Client by any entity that is part of the LRQA Group, as hereinafter defined; (ii) the “Contract” means the agreement for supply of the Services; and (iii) the “LR Group” means LRQA, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and the officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents of any of them, indvidually or collectively.

2. The Client agrees to pay all undisputed portions of invoices for the Services within 30 days of the invoice date. LRQA reserves the right to charge interest at an annual rate of 2% above the greater of the London Interbank Offered Base Rate (LIBOR) or the equivalent in the country where the Client maintains its principal office on any amount remaining unpaid beyond 30 days, and may withhold any or all Services until the arrears, including interest, are paid.

3. LRQA reserves the right to charge for any work that is additional to that originally quoted.

4. LRQA will keep confidential and not use or disclose to any third party any technical information or operating data derived from the Client in connection with the Services except as may be required by law or as may be requested by the Client. This obligation will survive termination of the Contract. This obligation will not apply to any technical information or operating data that was in the LRQA Group’s possession before its disclosure in connection with the Services, that is or becomes part of the public domain through no fault of the LRQA Group or that otherwise becomes available to the LRQA Group from an independent source not under a confidentiality obligation.

5. This Contract continues in force until terminated by LRQA or the Client, after giving the other party 30 days’ written notice.

6. If the Contract is terminated by LRQA or the Client before the Services under the Contract are completed, LRQA's fees will be calculated on a pro rata basis up to the date of termination. Any reasonable costs directly attributed to early termination and any amounts then due to LRQA will immediately become payable.

7. The Services do not assess compliance with any standard other than the applicable codes or other standards that are expressly agreed in writing with the Client.

8. If the Client requires Services from an LRQA Group entity other than LRQA, the Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that these Services will be performed by a subsidiary or affiliate of LRQA that is part of the LRQA Group. The Client accepts that, by entering this Agreement, the certificate or other deliverables produced to verify compliance with the requirements of national authorities will be issued on behalf of LRQA Verification Limited, where LRQA Verification Limited is the LRQA Group company in which the approval or accreditation is vested.

9. In providing Services, information, or advice, the LRQA Group does not warrant the accuracy of any information or advice supplied. Except as set out in these Terms and Conditions, LRQA will not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense sustained by any person and caused by any act, omission, error, negligence, or strict liability of any of the LRQA Group or caused by any inaccuracy in any information or advice given in any way by or on behalf of the LRQA Group even if held to amount to a breach of warranty. Nevertheless, if the Client uses the Services or relies on any information or advice given by or on behalf of the LRQA Group and as a result suffers loss, damage, or expense that is proved to have been caused by any negligent act, omission, or error of the LRQA Group or any negligent inaccuracy in information or advice given by or on behalf of the LRQA Group, then LRQA will pay compensation to the Client for its proved loss up to but not exceeding the amount of the fee (if any) charged by LRQA for that particular service, information, or advice.

10. Notwithstanding the previous clause, the LRQA Group will not be liable for any loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of user, or any indirect or consequential loss, damage, or expense sustained by any person caused by any act, omission, or error or caused by any inaccuracy in any information or advice given in any way by or on behalf of the LRQA Group.
1. No LRQA Group entity will be liable or responsible in negligence or otherwise to any person not a party to the agreement pursuant to which any certificate, statement, data, or report is issued by an LRQA Group entity for (i) any information or advice expressly or impliedly given by an LRQA Group entity, (ii) any omission or inaccuracy in any information or advice given, or (iii) any act or omission that caused or contributed to the issuance of any certificate, statement, data, or report containing the information or advice. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions creates rights in favour of any person who is not a party to the Contract with an LRQA Group entity.

12. No omission or failure to carry out or observe any stipulation, condition or obligation to be performed by LRQA under this Contract will give rise to any claim against that entity or any other LRQA Group entity, or be deemed to be a breach of contract, if the failure or omission arises from causes beyond that entity’s reasonable control.

13. Any dispute, claim, or litigation between LRQA and the Client arising from or in connection with the Services provided by LRQA shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and will be governed by English law.

14. No addition, alteration or substitution of these Terms and Conditions will bind LRQA or form part of this Contract unless it is expressly accepted in writing by an authorised LRQA representative who expressly states in writing that LRQA is agreeing to alter these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any document purporting to impose different terms, these Terms and Conditions will prevail.

15. LRQA in its discretion may withhold or withdraw any certificate or report in the event of non-payment of any fee.
LRQA Nederland B.V., its affiliates and subsidiaries and their respective officers, employees or agents are, individually and collectively, referred to in this clause as the ‘LRQA Group’. The LRQA Group assumes no responsibility and shall
not be liable to any person for any loss, damage or expense caused by reliance on the information or advice in this document or howsoever provided, unless that person has signed a contract with the relevant LRQA Group entity for the provision of
this information or advice and in that case any responsibility or liability is exclusively on the terms and conditions set out in that contract.

Annulering van cursussen is mogelijk tot 14 dagen vóór aanvang. Annulering dient altijd schriftelijk te geschieden. LRQA Nederland B.V. heeft het recht zonder opgave van redenen de cursus te annuleren of deelname van een opdrachtgever dan wel een door de opdrachtgever aangewezen deelnemer te weigeren. In deze gevallen heeft de opdrachtgever recht op terugbetaling. Bij annulering tussen de 14 en 7 dagen voor aanvang wordt 50% van het cursusbedrag in rekening gebracht. Bij annulering na 7 dagen voor aanvang wordt het volledige cursusbedrag in rekening gebracht.

Het auteursrecht op de uitgegeven brochures & cursusmateriaal berust bij LRQA Nederland BV, tenzij een andere auteursrecht hebbende op het werk zelf is aangegeven. Zonder uitdrukkelijke schriftelijke toestemming van LRQA Nederland BV zullen door de opdrachtgever geen gegevens uit gedeelten en/of uittreksels of enig materiaal worden gepubliceerd of op welke wijze dan ook worden vermenigvuldigd.

Algemene Voorwaarden
De Algemene Voorwaarden van LRQA Nederland B.V. (4 september 2006) zijn van toepassing op deze overeenkomst. Eventuele door u gehanteerde algemene voorwaarden worden hierbij uitdrukkelijk van de hand gewezen en zijn niet op deze overeenkomst en/of eventuele daaruit voortvloeiende overeenkomsten van toepassing. In geval van een tegenstrijdigheid met of inconsistentie tussen één of meer bepalingen van de overeenkomst en één of meer bepalingen van de Algemene Voorwaarden, prevaleren steeds de bepalingen van de overeenkomst.
Alle geschillen die tussen LRNL BV en de opdrachtgever naar aanleiding van of in verband met deze overeenkomst en/of enige daaruit voortvloeiende overeenkomst mochten ontstaan, zullen bij uitsluiting worden beslecht door de bevoegde rechter te Rotterdam.

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