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Dear Customer,

Do you want to cancel the contract (or partly) between your organisation and LRQA? By completing the form and sending it to us, we can offically process your termination.

Please complete the form so we can process the termination. You will automatically receive a copy of the completed form by email. You will also receive an official cancellation letter from LRQA as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions

Your cancellation will be handled according to the terms and conditions in the contract, as specified in the article ''Termination of the Agreement''. With observance of the contractually agreed notice period, the contract will be terminated 30 days after sending the completed form. Your certificate for the relevant standard(s) that you cancel will no longer be valid after the expiry of these 30 days. If the certificate expiry date on your certificate is earlier or during this 30 day period, the expiry date on your certificate takes precedence.

If, as a result of the cancellation, already agreed visits have to be cancelled, the cancellation costs will apply under the conditions as stipulated in the contract.

If your organization has made different contractual agreements with LRQA this will be described under the same article in the contract. We will observe these deviating conditions when processing the cancellation.

What about open non-conformities?

If your organisation has open non-conformities and is transferring to a new certification institution, the new certification institution will follow-up on these open non-conformities.

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