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On-demand Webinar: Keeping Pace with Digitalization.

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Digitalization is not new; nor, has industry achieved at-scale deployment of the digitalization of things. Prior to the 2014 downturn and the current COVID pandemic, digitalization was “nice to have” rather than a “must have”. However, the “boom and bust” culture of the oil and gas sector is no more and therefore, digitalization acts as a catalyst for maintaining a competitive advantage in an ever-changing industry landscape.

No company or industry is immune to the benefits of digital transformation. Within the petrochemicals industry there is now a strong recognition that digital success forms the next step towards operational excellence. As more petrochemical organizations move towards a digital-led approach backed by artificial and data intelligence, cloud systems, and the Internet of Things, it’s essential that business-critical inspection activities, especially those relating to the wider supply chain, not only keep pace but continue to add operational value.

Join us along with the EIC and distinguished roundtable guests, to understand how digitalization ensures return on investment, acts as a catalyst to achieve ESG goals, ensures operational excellence, and provides for supply chain assurance.