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Running ferries safely on Scandlines’ challenging route.

Reviewing and enhancing bridge layout for two new ferries on a challenging route


Client challenge

Ferry operator Scandlines commissioned two new vessels to operate on a challenging route. Factors included high-traffic density, shallow waters, strong currents and the need to berth at a small port. The operator asked us to review and revise the proposed bridge layout. Human factors and ergonomic best practice were fundamental considerations, minimising the impact of operational risks.229-78498_Ropax_page_image

How we helped

We assessed the bridge design by: 

  • analysing task criticality, human error and reach and sightlines from the bridge consoles
  • assessing the information provided on board to understand how well the bridge operators were supported in the safe and effective performance of their duties


reviewing proposed voice and tone bridge alarms for appropriateness and providing guidance on using digital and analogue displays.

Business benefits

Our client was able to optimise the bridge design for the intended route and operations. The equipment layout and design meant that safety and efficiency were maximised at turnaround, with the necessary assurance that operationally critical tasks were supported.

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