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Showing Blue Ocean Solutions save fuel.

Independent verification of fuel oil consumption for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Key facts

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    Blue Ocean Solutions

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    Emulsion fuel systems

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    Proof of performance improvements

Client challenge

Blue Ocean Solutions helps shipowners improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. The core expertise of this Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is emulsion fuel technology.

Our client wanted an independent, robust performance review of their emulsion fuel system (EFS). This review would form a key part of securing new business, supporting a shipowner’s acceptance trial of the EFS installation for improving fuel efficiency.

Blue Ocean Solutions asked us to support, based on our respected reputation for technical impartiality and expertise. Our marine consultants have a proven track record in the field of marine fuels, emissions and fuel monitoring. This is complemented with extensive seagoing experience and knowledge of data analytics.

How we helped

We offered a full review of the:

  • proposed fuel monitoring programme

  • methods and instrumentation to be used to acquire data against the required accuracy requirements for the trial.

During the trial, data was sent to us, which we processed, scrutinised and analysed. Our independent results were compared with the findings of our client, the OEM.

Business benefits

Our concise report, detailing findings, confirmed performance improvements in fuel consumption had been met to the satisfaction of all parties involved. This gave Blue Ocean Solutions’ client the necessary level of confidence to progress with using the technology.

Client feedback

“It is important to get independent verification from a renowned organisation, such as LRQA, of the performance of the emulsified fuel system in terms of average percentage fuel savings to ensure that results are reliable and accurate.”

Technical Manager

Blue Ocean Solutions

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