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How to improve employee health, safety and wellbeing with ISO 45001

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A strong health and safety culture is an important component of a positive business culture. A happier and healthier workforce is more productive – giving you an advantage with customers, investors, and employees alike.

The international standard, ISO 45001, provides a framework that can enable you to embed good practices for both physical and psychological health and safety - helping you to identify and manage the risks relevant to your organisation and ensure you comply with legislation.

If you’re already using other ISO management systems, you’ll find that ISO 45001 shares the same structure as many of them, making integration easier than you may have thought.

Join Michael Trollope, Head of Business Assurance at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, and Bill Barnes, Auditor Manager at LRQA, for practical insight into:

  • The benefits of implementing ISO 45001
  • Considering psychosocial safety in your safety management system
  • Key requirements and expectations for a successful system
  • Building ISO 45001 into an integrated management system
  • How to prepare for your certification audit
Bizimle iletişime geçmek ister misiniz?

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