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The role of ISO 45003 and psychosocial safety in the workplace

Is your organization prepared to sustain a healthy workforce?

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Date & Time: 22 Haziran 2022 –
18:00 (Turkey time)

Companies that strive for a strong workplace culture to sustain quality and safety performance are using ISO 45003 to sustain intellect and interest in the workplace, the product and the brand.

This webinar will review ISO 45003 with a focus on three areas of workplace risks:

  • How work is organized
  • Social factors
  • Workplace safety/work environment

We will discuss applying ISO 45003 into your ISO 45001 OHS Management System in the areas of hazard identification, risk assessment, operational controls, performance objectives, internal audit and management review. Also examined will be the connectors with ISO 45001 and 9001 that require organizations to consider specific business risk factors.

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