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GMP+ – Feed Safety Assurance

Contribute to ensuring feed safety worldwide with GMP+ certification.

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Obtaining certification from LRQA for GMP+ FSA demonstrates that the quality assurance system is applied throughout the animal feed supply-chain. Feed safety is central as part of food safety. The idea behind this is that feed for animals and food for humans cannot be separated. The system contains parts of the HACCP and ISO 9001 systems and is maintained by GMP+ International. The GMP+ FSA scheme is international and applied worldwide. It is a robust and globally recognised approach aimed at continuously improving your processes and managing risks within the food and feed supply chain.

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Satisfied customers

Designed specifically for organisations in the feed sector, certification allows you to demonstrate your commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders through a focus on quality and continuous improvement.

New business opportunities

In many cases, certification by independent third parties is a requirement. Where certification is not a contractual obligation, it provides the credibility to develop good business relationships with your stakeholders.

Streamlined processes

By following the best-practice principles found in the standards, certification helps develop a more robust approach to risk management and a better understanding of your organisation's internal and external context, which will contribute to the effectiveness and performance of your business.

Need help?

LRQA has put together a portfolio to meet your needs. We specialise in management systems compliance, including training, gap analysis and certification. We thoroughly investigate each problem with exact, analytical precision and leave no stone unturned to draw accurate conclusions for your organisation.



Being accredited proves that we have been tested against internationally recognised standards and it demonstrates our expertise, impartiality and performance. This gives us the necessary professionalism and expertise to conduct audits. Working with LRQA reduces your risk because you know you are getting excellent value and, more importantly, that you will be working with a certification body you can trust.

Technical expertise

Our experts are industry specialists tailored to your business needs to ensure that we add value by effectively and robustly auditing your system and making the right recommendations to improve your management system and business at the same time.

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