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Reduce risk across your supply chain.

Make sure your supply chain meets your requirements with LRQA's vendor site inspections.

Vendor Site Inspection

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What is it?

Vendor/Supplier site inspections allow you to get real and timely insight about your suppliers so you can be sure they are delivering on their commitments to your business. Vendor site inspections can range from an evaluation of operational risk to performance or product verification, and they are particularly useful to carry out on longer-term suppliers, especially if they have had a change in processes or management.

What are the benefits?

Reduce risk across your supply chain
Carrying out vendor site inspections allows you to effectively manage and control risk across your supply chain, reducing not only any threat to your business but also unnecessary costs.

Ensure quality and efficiency
Vendor site inspections help you to continue operating efficiently and will reduce any impact on your wider supply chain. By having more insight, you will be assured that your supplier is delivering on cost, timeliness, and quality. 

Need help?

We can provide an end-to-end inspection service with customised inspection test plans (ITPs) that help you avoid the common risks that can come with having suppliers around the world.

Using one of our LRQA inspectors, you get the benefit of our long history of providing second party inspection services tailored to address your organisational requirements. We can act as your on-site quality control team, giving you a coordinated and global approach to your supplier site inspections.

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