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Inspection Services

Feasibility Analysis

We help you assess and make decisions based on the outcomes of feasibility studies and assessment reviews.


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What we offer

Assessing new technology

  • Deliver confidence and assurance in new technologies with our Technology Qualification. This robust process provides independent confirmation of performance helping you decide on a technology’s readiness and the investment potential.


Developing port infrastructure

  • Plan and develop new port facilities for the offshore wind industry efficiently. These infrastructure projects demand meticulous, long-term planning and large investment. We help you get the fundamentals right through feasibility studies, project development support and management and engineering services.

Connecting to the grid

  • Emerging technologies that generate clean energy at different scales add to conventional challenges. Our consultancy service simplifies the task from a technical, project and regulatory perspective. Support throughout the process includes quickly identifying and resolving issues, providing power system studies and negotiating connection and access standards, both from a compliance and efficiency perspective.

What are the benefits?

  • Minimised and optimised spend on the early phases
  • Experience and knowledge to effectively manage survey and site investigation contractors
  • Access to specialist expertise, when you need it
  • Confidence that the project meets regulatory requirements
  • Greater chance of achieving consent
  • Deep understanding of site seabed and soils risk, and the industry sector and its technology that can be used to acquire the right data
  • Your informed buyer for these specialist contractor services
  • Confidence that risks have been identified and managed

Why choose LRQA?

Technical expertise

LRQA is trusted by governments and industry organizations around the world to perform inspections and issue certifications.

Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your specific challenges, standards and requirements.

We invest in our systems and surveyors to maintain accreditations and certifications around the world, giving you a single source for your certification needs.

Choosing us as your technical expert demonstrates your commitment to getting the critical early stages right the first time.

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