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Solutions to match your additive manufacturing maturity.

Whether you're just beginning to explore AM or are beginning to integrate it with your traditional manufacturing, LRQA can help.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

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Part Certification

We provide an additively-manufactured part certification service for all industries, from marine class-related parts to oil and gas upstream and downstream.

Our part certification involves assessing all aspects of your production process, including design, material, facility, post-processing, and testing. 

Material Certification

We certify additive manufacturing feedstock, including powder and wire.

This involves witnessing powder characterisation testing, as well as performing assessments against material specification requirements.

Facility Qualification

A facility audit by our trained experts includes a review of existing approvals, processes, and procedures.

If the facility passes, we issue an AM Quality Scheme Approval certificate.


Are your operations ready for additive manufacturing?

Our courses help manufacturers integrate additive manufacturing certification into their business-as-usual processes.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive overview of AM processes, codes, standards, and certification requirements.

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