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Single wind turbine from below against a deep blue sky.

Tethered and turning: a guide to floating wind power.

Floating wind whitepaper front coverOffshore wind generates low-carbon electricity at scale and at a competitive price, but for many countries fixing wind turbines to the seabed isn’t technically or commercially feasible.

Despite wind turbine technology being well-established, there are several challenges to fully harnessing wind power. As you look to move into deeper waters or build windfarms with complex seabed geologies, fixing wind turbines to the seabed will become increasingly more difficult.

Floating wind turbines offers a global solution in addressing the technical challenges for large-scale deployment.

Download our latest whitepaper and gain insights into:

  • Technical considerations to make floating wind a reality
  • Aerodynamic challenges and how numerical models can help predict design behaviour
  • How to estimate the costs and make significant savings through new innovations
  • How the industry can scale up to volume production
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