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The international standard for wind farms.

Windfarm Project Certification Services.

LRQA has been supporting and providing independent certification services to the offshore wind industry for more than two decades, with projects offshore the UK, Europe, Asia and USA.


LRQA draws on its decades of experience in the offshore oil and gas industries to increase the safety and reliability of offshore wind projects. We help our clients minimise risk at every point of their projects, from design all the way to installation and commissioning.

Project certification provides the required confidence and assurance that your offshore wind projects are in compliance with project requirements, applicable industry codes and standards and national requirements.

What we offer

LRQA is a recognised Renewable Energy Certification Body (RECB) for project certification against the requirements of the IECRE OD-502, as well as an ISO 17065 accredited Certification Body by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) for Project Certification Services in accordance with the IEC/EN 61400-22 requirements.

Our Project Certification services are undertaken in accordance with IECRE OD-502 or IEC/EN 61400-22, which are internationally recognised as the certification standard for windfarms, supported by other applicable codes and standards.

These set out the key requirements for design, manufacture, transport and installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance of windfarm assets. We can also ensure that your windfarm assets meet relevant country-specific requirements and incorporate any additional requested requirements for certification.

What are the benefits?

LRQA's project certification services give you the assurance that offshore wind structures will operate safely and remain structurally reliable throughout their intended life. At each project stage, our independent certification services provide confidence to you, your insurers, financiers and other stakeholders.

Why choose LRQA?

  • We can help provide assurances throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to detailed design and construction, and support the project critical stages along the way.
  • Our technical experts are available throughout the project lifecycle to provide expertise when you need it and ensure your project is delivered right first time.
  • We're committed to working openly and effectively to offer our clients true flexibility,
  • We offer a flexible project certification service with our client's best interests in mind, tailored to their requirements.
Flowchart of Project certification modules
Figure 1: Project certification modules

LRQA Guidance Notes for Offshore Wind Farm Project Certification

The LRQA Guidance Notes for Offshore Wind Farm Project Certification in accordance with IECRE OD-502 and IEC 61400-22 can be accessed and downloaded here.

LRQA Management Systems of Accreditations

Details of the management and processes of the LRQA Accreditations can be found at: Our Management Systems Accreditations.

Contact us

For further details/information regarding our project certification services or a request for quotation please contact our representative below:

Alan Green, Lead Project & Client Care Manager, Renewables
George Kallenos, Technical Manager Renewables


If you need to contact us, find one of our offices or want to leave feedback you can do so using the appropriate section on our Contact Us page.

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