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Cloud Technical

The modules of Cloud Technical help you to benefit from Cloud Fleet Manager’s global data integration abilities to the full. With modules to share information across the whole fleet and processes that span sea and land, crews and onshore staff work hand in hand to deal with bunker management, service requests, waste management, event reports and certificate administration.

  • Blog

    Facilitate onboard crew communication and share knowledge across your entire fleet with the Blog module. Highlight important messages and exchange information on harbours, awkward regulations or other useful intelligence.

    CFM Blog module screenshot

  • Certificates

    Make sure your certificates are always up-to-date and available for retrieval. Receive intelligent reminders well before expiry. Certificates makes it simple to delegate responsibility for updates directly to departments or offshore crews, with clear reporting showing all certificates' current status.

    CFM Certificates module screenshot

  • Disturbance Report

    Handle service requests efficiently, with no need for email. Crew use Disturbance Report to generate detailed, standardised service requests that appear automatically within onshore managers' dashboards. To resolve the issue, they can then share the request with other users, monitor progress and communicate with all participants.

    CFM Disturbance report module screenshot

  • Event reporting

    Make the most of your data and gain real insights into the performance of your fleet by monitoring a wide variety of key figures. To make this as easy as possible we present Event Reporting. By monitoring reports about times of arrival and departure, the begin and end of sea passage (BOSP/EOSP), bunker consumptions, times of anchorage or lay-up as well as noon reports, Event Reporting lets you see the big picture of your fleet – enabling you to conduct further analyses.

    CFM event reporting

  • Garbage Disposals

    Garbage Disposals ensures an efficient waste management on board your vessels. The module allows you to record and keep track of all waste, sewage and sludge disposals. All data can be entered directly on board, using Cloud Ship Manager – making the process as convenient as possible and ensuring compliance. Thanks to the optimal and automatic exchange of data between sea and land you always have all relevant information available in the office and can check the reports of your fleet in the report section of the Portal.

    CFM garbage disposals

  • Bunker

    The Bunker module of Cloud Ship Manager offers you full transparency regarding your bunker. You can easily document the amount and type of bunker as well as the location of bunkering. Add attachments, such as bunker delivery notes at your convenience. Additionally, you have the option to document and administrate bunker samples. The lab results can be entered and evaluated from the office, as well as from the vessel. In cases of inconsistencies or fraud, you can directly create and export predefined letters of protest.

    CFM bunker