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Marine training

On board ship - 2020 readiness for using 0.50% fuels.


The new 0.50 fuel issues are primarily around managing three main key aspects of these 0.50% fuel formulations: the wide variability of the viscosity and density, increasing rise in wax content leading to more attention on the cold flow properties and the increased likelihood of incompatibility between fuels.

Ships will need to focus on a more proactive management approach to addressing these variations between bunkers loaded, which come with their uncertainties on handling and performance. This can be achieved by making sure the crew are knowledgeable of the fuel characteristics as loaded and in turn can respond to the fuel’s requirements for storage, handling and use on board.

This course provides the basis of the knowledge and understanding needed to prepare for receipt and use of 0.50% Sulphur Bunkers.

Course objectives

The key objective is to bring awareness on board ships to understand the variabilities of using 0.50% marine fuels when compared with the fuels they are familiar with using today. This will equip them to know the specific aspects of 0.50% fuels they will need to be alert to and make the necessary adjustment to temperature control, machinery plant arrangements and settings from storage through to combustion, ensuring a safe switch over.


Directly to Ships engineers who are already familiar with managing todays ships fuels and also Ship Superintendents/Technical Staff and anyone involved in the management of ships.


Available delivery methods


Access the course online and study at your own pace, at a time and place to suit you. 

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