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Digital twins help ensure health, safety and environment in the real world.

Technology is playing a crucial role in reducing work-related incidents. Here, we highlight how LRQA, in partnership with SAP, is helping make the world safer.

Each year, work-related accidents claim the lives of more than 2 million men and women around the world and cause significant environmental damage. Protective measures are crucial and LRQA is working with companies globally to implement technology and risk management programs to protect the environment, infrastructure, equipment and, most importantly, people.

In heavy process industries, risk and preventative maintenance is traditionally calculated based on maintenance history and the lifespan of equipment. But this does not factor in other potential risks, including operating environment or circumstances affecting the human operator such as fatigue, under training, or inadequate personal safety processes.

The need is real and growing

Recent events, well documented in the media, such as the incident at a Philadelphia refinery, the Baytown plant fire which injured 37 people and the ruptured gas line in Kentucky which proved fatal, are evidence that action needs to be taken to avoid future catastrophic events.

Predictive Analytics Help Manage Risk and Improve Safety

Now, digital models known as digital twins are transforming the future of health, safety, and environment (HSE), emphasizing accident prevention. With cloud accessibility and better processes to capture data, predictive analytics is mitigating risk in complex industries by helping people understand what could happen when.

LRQA, in partnership with SAP is leading these efforts. By combining the LRQA AllAssets Asset Performance Management platform with the power of SAP Leonardo and real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, we're bringing disruptive technologies to market that enable corrective action to be taken before an incident happens.

To find out how LRQA and SAP are helping to make the world safer read the full article.

Digital collage in purple and white with engineer's face

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