ISO 45001 Health and Safety management systems

ISO 45001 certification

ISO 45001 is the new international standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S) management and will replace the existing OHSAS 18001 standard. 

OHSAS 18001 is the standard for Occupational Health and Safety management. Launched in 1999, it was produced to align the range of national health and safety management standards into one standard with the intention of ruling-out confusion and market fragmentation.  In July 2007, it was updated to become more closely aligned with the international environmental management system standard, ISO 14001.

ISO 45001 Timeline

Based on the progress and the latest information from the Working Group, the timeline for ISO 45001 publication is as follows:

  • February 2017 – Editing and preparation of the DIS2
  • March 2017 – The DIS2 is released for translation
  • End May 2017 – DIS2 ballot is held
  • End July 2017 – Results of the DIS2 vote and comments are known
  • September 2017 – PC283 and WG1 meet to review the results of the DIS2 ballot

The next ISO/PC 283/WG1 meeting has been arranged to take place in Malacca, Malaysia from 18-23 September 2017, where the results of the DIS2 ballot and resulting comments will be reviewed to determine the next steps in the development process.

If DIS2 is approved and the final draft international standard (FDIS) stage is not required, publication could be as early as October/November 2017. However, if FDIS is required, then publication is likely to be March 2018.

Why ISO 45001?

The number of organisations trading and integrating globally is increasing and with this, they are facing new health and safety challenges.  Many organisations tend to use generic or national health and safety standards, with none promoting global conformity.

As a result, many interested parties have expressed the need for an international OH&S management system standard, to enable benchmarks to be set against health and safety policies and practices across different geographical areas. Based upon this, the ISO Project Committee, ISO PC 283, was set up by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to develop an international standard which is applicable to any organisation regardless of its size and market and/or country it operates in. 

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