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As part of the Lloyd's Register group, Acoura is the UK's fastest growing provider of risk services for the food and drink supply chain. Operating in 40 countries across six continents, every year we conduct over 35,000 audits and inspections in addition to delivering a range of tailored services aimed at protecting our customers’ brands.

Together with LR, we are now one of the only service providers able to offer a complete range of compliance solutions aimed at reducing risk to businesses by improving food safety, sustainability and ethical standards.

  • Breadth of service enables us to meet the demands of larger more complex customers
  • Proven team of specialists with extensive practical industry expertise
  • Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs and expectations of our customers
  • An offering underpinned by a customer friendly technology built for the food sector by people who know the industry

How can Acoura help?

Acoura works with animal feed producers, farms, fisheries, food manufacturers, restaurants, bars and retailers. Formed in 1988, the business has gone on to develop and deploy some of the world’s first accredited assurance schemes and become market leader in many of our chosen sectors.

Currently we provide around 45% of the world’s Marine Stewardship Council sustainable fish assessments, deliver half of the UK dairy farm assurance audits and we work with our customers to ensure some 2 million meals served to the public every week are safe to eat.

Many of our services are linked to and underpinned with technology solutions built by food sector experts specifically for the industry. Covering everything from incident and complaint management, to supply chain transparency, Acoura’s technology gives customers the added visibility and protection they need.

Services include:

  • Supply Chain Audit Programmes
  • Compliance and Supplier Management Technology Solutions
  • Wide range of internationally recognised Audits and Inspections
  • Brand Compliance Audits
  • Tailored Training Courses
  • Farm Assurance
  • Sustainability and Ethical Audits
  • Expert Advice and Consultancy

A wide range of assurance services

Through our work across the supply chain, Acoura can boast one of the broadest portfolios of audits and inspections in the sector. These range in scope from exclusive agriculture and aquaculture assessments, to globally recognised standards for food manufacturers, fisheries and hospitality providers.

Additionally, Acoura has a longstanding track record of working in partnership with customers to deliver tailored collaborative services which meet their specific needs. Through this pragmatic, customer-centric approach, we will always look to combine audits where possible, saving customers time, hassle and cost in the process.

Audit and inspections include:

  • BRC for Food Safety
  • ASC Farms Standard
  • Full Range of Red Tractor Assessments
  • Health and Safety, Food Safety and Fire Risk Assessments
  • GlobalG.A.P.
  • Various Chain of Custody Standards
  • MSC Sustainable Fishing Standard
  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

True sea to fork coverage; specialists in Seafood Assurance

Acoura has an unmatched track record within the seafood arena and deliver a comprehensive range of audits for the broadest range of fisheries and aquaculture standards. Through their portfolio and global team of experts, Acoura is the only service provider able to offer true sea to fork coverage with joined up solutions.

  • 100% of UK assured Salmon and Trout audits
  • Delivered audits in 40+ countries
  • Over 100 associates and specialist auditors
  • Largest provider of MSC Sustainable Fishing Assessments
  • Over 100 species of fish assessed
  • Experts in seafood supplier audits for retailers and manufacturers
  • Provider of the world’s only ethical and welfare audit for fishing vessels
  • Pioneered the 1st accredited aquaculture standard
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Accredited seafood assurance services are delivered by Acoura.