BS 10500 Anti-bribery and Corruption

BS 10500 was introduced in answer to the UK Bribery Act which became law in July 2011 and is designed to help organisations to prove to both internal and external stakeholders that they have robust anti-bribery practices in place and that they are being implemented adequately.

BS 10500 has received a powerful declaration of support with official endorsement from the World Federation of Engineering Organisations which represents 15,000,000 engineers in national engineering organisations globally.

The specification is appropriate for use by the private, public and voluntary sectors. It is applicable to all organisations, particularly those in the construction, engineering, defence, mining and utilities sectors.

BS 10500 is being reviewed by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and it is expected that ISO 37001 will replace BS 10500 at the end of 2016.     

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