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Greenhouse gas emissions

LRQA work with organisations to help them demonstrate their emission reductions and compliance with national requirements.

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At LRQA we offer validation and verification services so that our clients can demonstrate their emission reductions and compliance with national requirements and the mechanisms originating from the Kyoto Protocol.

LRQA's Greenhouse gas emissions resources


LRQA has a network of greenhouse gas specialist verifiers located around the world. To support our business world-wide and to ensure we maintain a lead in GHG services, LRQA also has a specialist global Climate Change team. This team is responsible for CDM and JI accreditation and the associated decision making processes. Most importantly it is at the forefront of the thinking associated with many of the latest global initiatives.


The objective is to provide a world class service in a local language across a range of services including:


LRQA's expertise covers a wide range of scopes examples of which include energy, manufacturing, chemical, transportation, solvent use and waste handling.

Climate Change Team

The LRQA Climate Change Team are keen to work with clients on the many emerging national, state and local schemes being developed.  Contact them today, to find out how they can work with your organisation to help you reduce your Greenhouse gas emissions and become a greener organisation.

Download the Greenhouse gas emissions leaflet 'Managing your greenhouse gas emissions for business advantage'

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