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Lloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing  riskLloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing risk

Healthcare and medical

Healthcare and medical

LRQA in the Healthcare & Medical sector

As a responsible business working within the medical industry, you recognise the importance of providing quality products and services.  Your clients, and the industry in general, expect this, and providing anything less could be catastrophic and even deadly.   This is why you continue to take important steps and perform due diligence to help ensure consumers are protected and that legislative requirements are met.

If your processes are effective and efficient, your organisation will realise delivery time improvements; reduction in product cycle times and fewer defects among other benefits.

LRQA's Expertise

As a member of the Lloyd’s Register group, we are a leading world-renowned global Business Assurance provider for some of the world’s top organisations delivering impartial and unbiased assessment, accredited certification, verification, and customised solutions to address and mitigate risks throughout the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

We have worked extensively within the medical industry for over 20 years with clients around the world.  Our assessment teams include top industry experts and specialists who are matched with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust assessment of your system.

Why choose LRQA?

Whether you’re an organisation seeking to certify a medical quality management system, meet specific medical device manufacturing requirements, or mitigate your environmental, health and safety, security or social responsibility impacts, we can help.

Our unique assessment methodology - Business Assurance from LRQA ensures that we work with your organisation to focus on what is important to you and your business and then tailor our services to the needs of your organisation, helping you bridge the gap between your assessment and certification requirements and the processes which make your organisation more competitive and successful.

Healthcare & Medical specific standards, schemes and directives: