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Lloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing  riskLloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing risk



LR Group within the Food sector

More than just a bad reputation, food safety incidents can result in death or illness, costly recalls, bad press, decreased consumer confidence and damaged brand value. With an increase in globalisation of supplies, the likelihood of these risks grows and the processes to manage them effectively become more complex, especially as levels of food safety vary from country to country.

This is why having the right food safety management program in place – verified by a reputable, trusted body with a global footprint – is more critical now than ever to help manage food safety and security risks along the supply chain, and ultimately, help protect your consumers and your brand.

LRQA Can Help

With so many customer, market and company-specific requirements to consider, it can be difficult to determine which program will best suit your food safety needs. LRQA offers food sector specialists and industry experts to help you identify your best options and then delivers consistent, effective and robust assessments, helping assure the right food safety, security and improved traceability programs are in place.

For over 20 years, LRQA and our team of experts have worked extensively across the food sector, assisting with the development, formalisation and improvement of food safety standards, including HACCP, ISO 22000, PAS 220 and FSSC 22000. Our food safety experts serve as active members of the world’s leading food safety technical committees, including the ISO 22000 Technical Committee, the European Accreditation Board’s Food Committee, the Foundation for Food Safety Certification, and the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) Technical Committee.

Serving clients in over 120 countries across the Americas, Europe, Middle-east and Asia, LRQA is at the forefront of a number of emerging developments in food safety & security management, and our experts are considered thought leaders within the industry.

International Reputation

LRQA has an international reputation for being fair, accurate and responsible. We’re able to work with you to define solutions which help address and mitigate risks throughout your supply chain, helping assure the right food safety, security and improved traceability processes are in place.

Food sector specific standards, schemes and directives: