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Lloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing  riskLloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing risk

Construction & engineering

Construction & engineering

LRQA in the Construction & Engineering sector

Over half of the world's 200 companies choose LRQA for certification.

Impacting aspects of everyday life – through the engineering and construction of buildings, roads, highways, homes, airports, entertainment venues and more – the construction and engineering industry’s success is absolutely critical.

But, to maintain a healthy and successful organisation, businesses operating within the industry must find practical and efficient solutions to meet their growing business challenges, including:

  • Increased expectations to operate, engineer and construct sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings and homes

  • Economic pressure and constraints that can cripple an organisation without streamlined business processes in place to effectively enable cost and expenditure reductions and increased efficiencies

  • Increased expectations to demonstrate a superior level of occupational health & safety practices

With an unstable economy and unpredictable marketplace, you’re looking for solutions to help you manage these challenges, and LRQA can help.

Our unique assessment methodology Business Assurance from LRQA underpins the services that we provide throughout the Construction & Engineering industry, so we understand the challenges you face and our experts are prepared to assist you in managing your risks as you meet these challenges. 

For decades, we’ve provided trusted independent assessment, certification and training services to the chemical industry, and our clients are among the largest names within the sector, including architectural practices, design and building contractors, home builders, firms responsible for major capital projects, facilities management and much more.

LRQA assessors are construction engineers and industry specialists who are matched with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust audit of your system.

As an organisation who understands the construction & engineering industry, we offer a range of Business Assurance solutions to help meet your needs.