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Standards, schemes and EC directives

We provide sector-specific services for automotive schemes, food schemes, aerospace schemes and many others . LRQA is a notified body for a number of EC Directives . We also deliver tailored assessment services using clients' own standards and requirements, especially supply chain management services.

ISO 28007-1:2015 Private Maritime Security Certification

Standards and Schemes

ISO 28007-1:2015 Ships and marine technology - Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships (and pro forma contract).

BS 10500 Anti-bribery and Corruption

Standards and Schemes

Introduced in 2011 in response to the UK Bribery Act, BS 10500 has been designed to help organisations demonstrate to stakeholders that they have implemented anti-bribery practices. Currently under review, BS 10500 will be replaced by ISO 37001 at the end of 2016.

BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships

Standards and Schemes

BS 11000-1 was introduced in 2010 to provide a framework for organisations of any size, in any sector, to establish and improve collaborative relationships within their supply chain.

Our approach

Our methodology allows our experts to tailor the assessment according to the maturity of your systems.

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