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Food safety

LRQA Americas at Food Safety Conference INOFOOD


Vel Pillay – LRQA Americas Food Safety Program Manager – recently spoke at leading South American food safety conference INOFOOD on FSSC 22000.

Vel Pillay – LRQA Americas Food Safety Program Manager – recently spoke at leading South American food safety conference INOFOOD on FSSC 22000 – the complete food safety management certification scheme.  This year INOFOOD took a unique and innovative approach with a special day pre-conference day designated for educating children on good hygiene practices with regards to handling, storing and eating food.  Vel was joined by Michael Ramdohr – Business Centre Manager for LRQA South America Spanish Countries.

The conference itself was well attended with over 450 participants, including many distinguished guest speakers from organisations serving the food sector. The speakers covered a series of relevant market topics such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA), the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised schemes, the GFSI-led Global Market Program (GMP) as well as addressing the sustainability of the food supply and ways of improving the safety of our food supply.

Speakers were from global organisations including the World Health Organisation, the Chilean Government, GFSI, academia and industry. Chile has several programmes aimed at food safety across and The Chilean Minister of Agriculture , Alvaro Cruzat opened the session and spoke about sustainable practices to keep an ever-increasing population supplied with food.  Mr Cruzat also spoke about the application of GMP in the food sector and the involvement of small and medium size farmers to increase the level of transparency and ultimately delivering food that is safe for consumers to eat. Other sessions covered areas such as how FSMA will affect imports to the United States and what the companies across the world should do to reduce food safety risks across the supply chain and improve our food supply.

Michael Ramdohr and Vel Pillay represented LRQA at the conference. Vel presented on “FSSC- Gaining traction around the globe”  during a session on GFSI schemes updates and also represented the Foundation for FSSC on a panel, where he was joined by Yves Rey and other GFSI scheme owners.

Commenting on LRQA’s participation, Pillay said “This is a key event in the South American food safety calendar and we were delighted to participate.  We definitely saw an increase in visitors to the LRQA exhibition booth this year -  particularly after the GFSI scheme session.”

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INOFOOD Oct 2013