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Lloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing  riskLloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing risk

Business continuity

Business continuity

Have you planned for the unexpected?

Business Continuity is a growing concern among businesses around the world.  Whether facing a brief interruption or a worst-case scenario, the way your business reacts and the plans you have in place to recover can have massive impacts on your customers, clients, employees and even the livelihood of your organisation.

Having a solid Business Continuity Plan in place helps manage the risks you’ll face with business interruption, and should the worse happen, helps aid prompt and effective recovery.

How we can help

We became one of the first certification bodies able to deliver certification to the Business Continuity standard BS 25999, and we’re a market leader in the provision of BS 25999 assessment and certification services.

Learn more about how we can help you with BS 25999 the Business Continuity Standard.

Business Assurance from LRQA

Business Assurance from LRQA helps you manage your systems and risks to improve and protect the current and future performance of your organisation. Further, our risk based approach allows us to tailor the assessment according to the maturity of the clients systems.

We bring international expertise and deep insight into the complex world of business continuity management. LRQA has been working with the world's top brands to achieve the best from their management systems for more than 20 years.

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