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Lloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing  riskLloyds Register Quality Assurance - Improving performance, reducing risk

Supply chain assurance

Supply chain assurance

Our three step approach

LRQA will:

1. Help you identify and assess risk areas

2. Provide the necessary tools and expertise to help you to develop your own solutions and control procedures

3. Work with your suppliers, both globally and locally, to verify your solution

An approach that saves costs, increases brand loyalty while safeguarding shareholder value - and your reputation. At LRQA we call it Business Assurance.

A trusted 'Voice in the Industry'

LRQA is a part of the Lloyd's Register Group, an independent, impartial leader in securing global supply chains since 1760. Our understanding of standards goes right from development through to implementation. Our experts are regularly part of technical committees developing new and improving existing standards. In addition, we have had a prominent leadership role in the development of environmental, food safety, product conformity and security standards, among others.

Security: First certification body to issue a certificate against ISO 28000, the global supply chain management system standard. (DP World, 2006)

Environment: Member of the working group updating global CSR reporting guidelines (AA1000AS). Instrumental in the development of regulatory and voluntary carbon market initiatives.

Product Conformity: First Notified Body for the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). As part of the Lloyds Register Group, we have more than 200 years experience in product conformity areas.

Food Safety: Key member of the development group for global food safety standard ISO:22000.

Our Supply Chain Assurance services in food safety, security, environmental issues and product conformity help over half of the world's top 200 global brands manage their supply chain risks.

LRQA and Professor Richard Wilding of Cranfield University, one of Europe's leading supply chain management experts, have teamed up to create the LRQA Supply Chain Video Podcast Series.

Further episodes will be available on in the coming weeks.

For more information on Professor Richard Wilding, visit

Next steps...

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